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Chloe Richards

Junior Project Manager

Picture of Chloe

My role at Waterstons is...

Junior Project Manager. At the moment this means shadowing my colleagues, assisting them in any way I can on the projects they’re working on. Whilst also learning and developing my own project management skills.

My proudest Waterstons moment is...

Getting the job! My academic background is in history and politics and before joining Waterstons I worked in retail, so every aspect is completely new to me. Newness excites me and I am looking forward to all the new knowledge and experiences that are about to come my way.

My life away from work is...

Usually spent in walking boots. I have two very energetic beagles so when I’m not working, I’ll be out with them. On the rare occasion that I’m not with my dogs, I’ll probably be at the cinema or at home reading a book.