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Chris Pallister

Regional Lead WA

Chris Pallister Headshot

My role at Waterstons is...

All about our clients and their IT estate. I help identify areas of improvement, carry out risk management, document processes and procedures and be their point of advisory not just in relation to their current IT estate but technology as a whole. I'm keen to use my knowledge to help enable businesses and their departments through technology.

My proudest Waterstons moment is...

Being a founding member of Waterstons Australia.

My life away from work is...

Filled with music of all genres, art appreciation of every kind, and a profound fascination for the universe, its many mysteries, and quantum mechanics. I enjoy listening to podcasts mostly the thought-provoking ones by Lex Friedman, I'm a big Steven Hawking fan, and I have found great optimism along with a new understanding of leadership through Simon Sinek. Above all, my life revolves around my amazing wife.

I’ll be with you when...

You are in need of service management, not sure what risks you have with your current IT estate, or what about that disaster recovery process no one knows where to find? I'm there to make sure these things are in place, I make sure the support you are getting enables your business. I'll be your point of advisory showing you a better way to enable your business through the many different software applications and services out there.

My sector strengths are...

  • Marine Services
  • Professional Services
  • Distribution & Transport
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction