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Collaboration is key

It doesn't matter what industry sector you're in, if you can't work together effectively, the chances are your organisation will not reach its true potential.

Collaboration challenges vary hugely from sector to sector and it's important to realise that a single technology or product alone won't solve your collaboration problems.

The key to effective collaboration is people and if you get a team working together well then the technology very much becomes a supporting actor.

Our Approach – Trusted Advisors

We don't believe in doing one off projects with our clients. We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to our customers, many of whom we have worked with for years.

A benefit to this is we gain insight into our customer's sectors and the common challenges that occur within them. We have sector aligned consultants who use their experience to suggest innovative solutions to our clients' problems.


Our Iterative Delivery Process

We deliver our projects using a four step, iterative process. The steps are:


We start our journey by understanding your organisation. What drives you? What is your vision? How are you currently working towards this vision?

We look at what you've already done and what tools you already have. Can these be leveraged further?

By understanding these things, and bringing to bear our sector experience, we can start to identify your collaboration challenges and start to look at solutions which fit your organisation.


We know where we want to go now but how do we get there?

Let's define the solution and validate the business case for what we're proposing.

We also need to think about engagement, change management and governance. What happens when the project ends? Your business doesn’t stop changing just because your SharePoint project has finished.


Let's get something delivered.

Now we should also think about changing the business. The technology side is only useful if it's used properly.


Just because we went live (and had a cake) doesn't mean the work is done. In fact, it's just getting started.

Are we realising the benefits we had planned for? If so, great, what can we improve on now? If not, what can we do to begin seeing them?

We may find that expectations may have changed over the course of the project or users might be trying to use the solution in an unexpected way. We need to learn from this and adapt the solution accordingly.

Our learnings feed directly into the next align step.

Making it all happen

You wouldn’t buy a supercar and never get it serviced or spend lots of money on a landscape garden and never cut the grass. Your collaboration solution is no different.

Programme management will help to direct your project, keeping it on course to deliver the business benefits you are hoping for.

Governance is key to ensuring your solution stays up to date, continues to be relevant and is still running effectively even years after it was initially put in.

Finally, change management is vital and yet often overlooked. You must ensure that your entire business is on-board with your plan and is ready and waiting to adopt the solution on go-live.


We're a Microsoft Gold Partner with years of experience delivering communication and collaboration solutions. We use products like Office 365, SharePoint and Skype For Business. If enterprise software isn't your thing then we can help you with tools like Trello and Basecamp as well. If your communication problems are truly unique we also build bespoke solutions from scratch.

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13 August 2020

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