Introducing #FiveThreeOne

Five ways to performance improvement, Three core services and One trusted partner.

When we embarked on our journey 21 years ago, we set out with one core goal to help businesses improve their performance through the use of technology. As businesses and technologies have changed we have continually been at the forefront, helping organisations to align technology and business strategy through tailored solutions and personal service.

Five ways to performance improvement

As the complexities of technology increased in the early 90s we sought to untangle the mystery behind the gap between technology and business value. The '5 Ways' to performance improvement provided a clear guide to customers, and proved a blueprint for the business benefits of working with us as a partner.

The '5 Ways':

  • Raising quality and lowering costs
  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Providing timely and accurate information
  • Improving teamwork and communication
  • Reducing risk and increasing security

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Three core services

As our service portfolio continued to expand inline with developments in technology, and companies started to embrace the potential of its business value, three core areas began to define themselves. While never isolated in solution development, we categorise our services into these areas:

  • Transformation: Leading transformation in your business through innovative technical consulting
  • Bespoke: Working with you to solve seemingly impossible problems by creating and adapting software
  • Technology: Generating return on technology investments and transforming IT into a strategic partner

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One trusted partner

It was our personal service that positioned us as a trusted partner to businesses across the UK and beyond. What followed was the development of an ethos, or way of working, which would define the rest of our journey.

The Waterstons Brand Values:

  • Putting people first
  • Only embarking on work that adds true business value
  • Working in partnership as a trusted adviser
  • Putting the needs of the client before the benefit to Waterstons
  • Providing total transparency, both internally and externally

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In 2015 we want to bring all of our benefits, services and values together to illustrate that after 21 years we stand by our core goal: to improve business performance through technology.

Five ways to performance improvement, Three core services and One trusted partner.


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13 August 2020

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