Is your technology really aligned with your business?

Our transformation consultants are adept at finding ways to improve business performance through technology. They spend the time to become completely immersed in our customers’ worlds, understanding their business almost as well as their CEOs and FDs do. They use the full breadth of their sector and technology expertise to make recommendations that fit perfectly with our customers’ business strategies and they aren’t scared to challenge assumptions, ask those difficult questions or investigate the things nobody likes to think about. As an example, our willingness to challenge, impartiality and diligence are just some of the reasons our Mergers and Acquisitions team are involved by our partners in deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Our transformation team are business benefit focused and completely impartial and pragmatic when it comes to technology. They will do what is best for your business even if it’s not necessarily what’s best for Waterstons. They won’t ever recommend a solution just because we have bespoke or technology skills in that area. It has been known for consultants to point customers to our competitors because we believe they can fulfil a client’s requirements better.

Transformation services at a glance

Business Consulting

Skilled in finding ways to improve businesses with the pragmatic use of IT, our Business Consultants drive performance through technology.

Data & Analytics

Keeping you up-to-date on how your business is doing whether you're a manufacturer on the shop floor, a sales person at a customer's site or a financial director checking in from the beach.

Project Management

Our project managers are brilliant at getting stuff done or getting stuff that has gone awry back on track. They are ferociously tenacious and have the skills and experience to drive forward even the most difficult of projects.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether helping you prepare to sell your business, performing technology due diligence on a target, or integrating a business post-deal, our M&A team provides specialist support at all stages of the deal process.

Dig a little deeper...

Business Consulting

Is your IT business-aligned?

For most companies business and technology are now inseparable. Our business consulting team sits at this intersection. With a broad range of expertise across many sectors and a deep understanding of technology the team can find business improvements in places you'd never think to look.

Our consultants have helped service organisations to prepare their IT for the future. They've crafted compelling business cases to take to boardrooms. And they've managed large change projects ensuring that benefits are fully realised once all the work is complete.

The team has worked in manufacturing and energy, property management and construction, education and the public sector. We believe that bringing people with diverse experience together drives innovation so we build collaborative project teams to facilitate the best thinking we can offer.

Our business consultants build long lasting relationships with our customers. They keep our clients informed about new technologies and are always looking for new opportunities for improvement. Our consultants act as a consistent and stable point of contact for our customers' entire journey with Waterstons.

Data & Analytics

How well do you know your business?

How well do you know your business? Do you know how much it costs to make each of your products? Does your customers' behaviour confound you? Do you have ten versions of the truth? Our Data and Analytics specialists are here to help you.

Our consultants will work with you to decide what your company should be measuring to determine its performance. They'll build your KPIs from your business strategy, ensuring that you'll be analysing meaningful metrics. They will construct a data warehouse to gather and store all the information needed, extracting data from many different systems and cleaning it to present a single version of the truth. And they'll work with you to find a platform that will present the information you need in just the way you need to see it.

The team have broad experience across many sectors and they've worked with many business intelligence platforms including Microsoft, QlikTech, TARGIT, BOARD and SAP. One last thing to note: we don't have any reseller agreements so our business intelligence specialists are completely unbiased and will recommend the solution that suits you best, not the one that benefits our bottom line.

Project Management

Getting stuff done

Our project managers are brilliant at getting stuff done or getting stuff that has gone awry back on track. They are ferociously tenacious and have the skills and experience to drive forward even the most difficult of projects.

Projects are hard to do - the ambiguity, uncertainty and changes they bring about can be scary for those involved and for those who are impacted. Not only do our project managers understand the process of project delivery (they are all PRINCE 2 accredited) but they have the business acumen, experience and underlying personality traits to ensure their projects deliver on the outcomes and the benefits they set out to achieve.

Whether they are dragging a poorly project back on track or setting out on a greenfield programme of work, our project managers are able to plan, manage, rescue, mitigate and lead a team to deliver exceptional results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Expertise you can rely on throughout the deal-making process

Waterstons’ dedicated Mergers and Acquisitions team brings many decades of combined experience in technology and business, across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, education and public sector. We can rapidly deploy specialists in M&A, backed up by Waterstons’ wider skills in transformation, technology, bespoke software and cyber security.

Whether you’re planning to sell your business and need help assessing your readiness; you’re thinking of acquiring a business to drive growth; or you’re an investor looking to buy into a new business, we can help. Our consultants will work with you in partnership, and we will always tell you the truth you need to hear and challenge you when you need it.

We can deliver technology due-diligence, partnering seamlessly with your legal, commercial and financial teams; appraise and mitigate the risks technology presents to the deal; plan and execute the integration or disintegration of the organisation; provide impartial, expert interim staff; lead and advise on technology projects; or provide ongoing support and maintenance. We partner with customers, private equity and venture capital firms, legal and accounting practices to provide practical, actionable and unbiased advice to buyers and sellers. Whatever the size of the deal, we have the skills and experience to assist.

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