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Welcome to Waterstons’ Current Thinking, where you can read our white papers, case studies and articles on our latest business thinking and access our recent press releases.

Keeping users happy – the importance of User Experience (UX) in modern apps

Have you ever considered what's taken place behind the scenes during the design of your favourite application? One of Waterstons' specialists in this field, Senior Bespoke Consultant Rob Burgess, takes us through the ideal process, defining User Interface Vs User Experience, their importance, and everything you need to know to build an app focused on user happiness.

The Happiness Equation – Why money can't buy you love

Money can't buy you happiness. It can't buy you customers either, but that hasn't stopped people trying. In this article, Dan Burrows talks about why bribery doesn't win and keep business, and discusses how in the modern landscape organisations must innovate to attract customers, and add value to keep them

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