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Cyber Masterclass: An interactive workshop for IT and business leaders to develop their cyber resilience skills (London)

At this event, the Waterstons cyber team will showcase their new business resilience exercise, provide an overview of how organisations can protect themselves from evolving threats, and embark on a cyber maturity journey where a proactive approach is the key to survival.  

Waterstons event | Cyber Resilience

12 Oct


Wed 12 Oct 2022, 5pm - 7pm

Learn how to prepare for an Udder Disaster...

Udder Disaster is an engaging, interactive and fun way to help you understand cyber resilience without the technical jargon.

The Waterstons cyber division will be joined by representatives from South East Resilience Centre who work closely with businesses around cyber, and behavioural experts, CybSafe, to share their unique insights and expertise. 

There's also ample opportunity to mingle with other local business leaders, as well as enjoy a wine and cheese reception.

Udder Disaster Game

Why should you join?

Recent surveys have exposed an interesting paradox; while organisations claim cyber security is a major priority, the stats reveals that almost half (46%) have experienced a data breach in the last 12 months.  

The cyber threat to organisations large and small is something that can’t be ignored, but how can you stay on top of this ever-changing risk and protect your critical data and reputation? 

Representatives from South East Resilience Centre and the Cyber Resilience network, will provide insight, how businesses are actually falling victim, and what you can do to avoid being a number in the growing statistics. 

This will be accompanied by Cybsafe outlining how you can kick start your human security ambitions so everyone in your organisation can survive and thrive in an online world.  

What will you gain?

•  A senior stakeholder briefing on the evolving cyber threat landscape 

•  An engaging interactive exercise that will help you understand different aspects of business resilience 

•  Advice on the steps you need to take to start your cyber resilience journey