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De-risking software development practices

Practical steps to mitigate the most commonly encountered risks

Thursday 19 November

Does your team spend too much time firefighting? Are you worried about the stability of that critical legacy application? Dreading your developer’s upcoming holiday?

There are huge benefits to be gained from an internal development team, no matter how small. The niche and bespoke nature of software development means businesses with small teams must work hard to ensure that mature processes and support are in place to mitigate risks, and protect the time needed for value adding activities.

Join us and fellow IT leaders in a small interactive session to discuss commonly encountered risks, the practical steps needed to mitigate them, and how to mature your practices enabling your in house team to thrive.


Clair Hillier is our Software Delivery and Consultancy Lead. She oversees the quality of our software project management and the software consultancy services that we provide.

Adam Lisik is our Software Operations and Support Lead. He leads a team focused on solving software problems and helping our clients mitigate risks from bespoke software through best practice.

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