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Waterstons Coffee Club

What happens in the cloud, stays in the cloud?

07 Sep

Online Event

Wed 07 Sep 2022, 11am - 12pm

As more and more companies adopt the cloud as the future of their technology infrastructure, some are getting caught out with buyers’ remorse once they’re in. Underestimation of costs and unwieldy cloud spend, a lack of internal skills to support it, and a constantly changing landscape of services and security threats all add up to an unhappy cloud environment.

In this coffee club, our Cloud Practice Lead, Dan, will talk about these pitfalls and what it takes to get the most out what cloud is supposed to deliver. The topics Dan will cover includes:

  • Getting to the cloud – perfecting the timing, understanding the pitfalls and why ‘lift ‘n’ shift’ should always be last option
  • Cost optimisation – how cost optimiser is important post-cloud migration
  • Taking care of your cloud; how Waterstons keeps it a lean, mean, cost-reducing machine.

We hope you can grab a cuppa and join us!

Our coffee clubs are for clients, however if you are interested in coming along please email Thank you.