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Waterstons Coffee Club: Sustainability

We’re excited to welcome you as we continue our coffee club sessions in 2022. A regular opportunity for us to come together, share experiences and ask questions. These relaxed and informal sessions provide an opportunity to chat to different specialists and experts from across Waterstons.

Waterstons event |

27 Apr

Webinar event


Wed 27 Apr 2022, 11am - 12pm


From April, all NHS tenders will include a minimum 10% weighting for net-zero and social value – and will only continue to escalate. Is this the start of a public sector typhoon (pun intended ) of regulatory, business supply chain change in the UK?

How will your business be affected? And what do you need to be doing to operate sustainably in a circular economy?

We think you’re probably already thinking about these, and other sustainability questions, and perhaps feeling like it’s a challenge of almost unimaginable scale. Two consultants from Waterstons sustainability group, Mike Davis and Andrew Buckingham, are hosting an informal session about all things sustainability.

Maybe you’d like to know about upcoming regulations and frameworks (and how they can improve your competitive advantage), or simply find out how we’re raising awareness in our organisation. Whether you have already gone green, or are not sure where to start, join us for a cuppa and share your thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

We look forward grabbing a coffee and seeing you then.

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Head of Advisory Services