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Waterstons Sustainability Forum

This forum aims to engage business leaders across a range of industries to share and discuss insights, challenges, best practice and emerging opportunities to ultimately lead to a better business, and a better planet. Expert guest speakers, or those wishing to share their organisation’s journey, will host sessions which facilitate open discussion and knowledge share.  

Waterstons event |

30 Nov

Online Event

Wed 30 Nov 2022, 11am - 12pm

All sessions are open to our clients and will be held every other month. 

Details of this session:

Gaining a better understanding of emerging regulation has been a common theme from our sustainability community members, and this month we tackling the topic head-on.

Russell Galt, Head of Policy and Science at Earthwatch Institute has been mapping the big environmental policy issues on a global scale, and will be joining us to share his thoughts on the likely implications for the UK Government and the business community.

Russell has a wealth of knowledge - and plenty of entertaining anecdotes - drawn from his time living and working in environmental conservation across four continents, as well as from his studies in Ecological Science, Natural Resources Law and Policy, and Business Administration.

If you’d like a better understanding of the future of sustainability policy and how your organisation might be impacted, then this is the forum for you. Join the team from Waterstons to hear what Russell has to say and share your views during the informal follow-up chat.

We believe the planet, people and profit should have equal focus within business, and this community is aimed at ensuring that is maintained.


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