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Feb 2023

NAW2023 – Callum Jones

After studying A Levels in maths, games development and computer science at Durham Sixth Form Centre, Callum came onboard as Infrastructure and Network Engineer in 2021 and is working towards a Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship in Technology Solutions, which he aims to complete in early 2024.


Technology Consultant

  • What made you want to study an apprenticeship over another type of course?

To get more of a hands-on experience in the working world so I could apply the skills I had learned, rather than learn theory in a classroom with no practical backing.


  • What attracted you to the course you are studying?

Other than being able to learn on the job, the course content course lines up perfectly with the career path I want to pursue in the future.


  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your apprenticeship so far?

How important communication between me and the clients is, and even more valuably the communication between the members of my team.


  • How has working at the same time as studying supported your learning?

So many things, especially the network-related elements, that I learn at work can be applied into my college work and give that ‘real world’ experience.


  • What would you say to anyone looking at studying an apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend it; for me personally I found that applying what I know in a work environment really tests what I know and pushed me to fill in any knowledge gaps and develop new skill sets.


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