Aaron Hooper

Technology Consultant

I feel lucky to just about remember the days before technology really took a grip on everyone’s life. Big paper A-Z maps in the car and not being able to use the landline when the computer was connected to the internet. I remember how excited my brother was when his favourite PlayStation games started getting 3D graphics. I never understood what people meant when they said the jobs I’d be doing hadn’t been invented yet. Now I get to work by tapping my watch to get through the tube barriers and talk about the Cloud.


I studied IT at the University of Reading and realised, although IT was my main interest, I was also really interested in Business. I joined Waterstons in July 2018 as a graduate and I relish being able to combine both of these interests in my role at Waterstons. Learning about how organisations in different sectors operate and how we can support their business functions through IT and even drive innovation is very exciting. I’m enjoying the variety and challenge that being part of the Managed Service team offers me. My focus is on helping clients to solve existing problems and looking at ways to improve the technology they currently use.

Outside of work…

Sport plays a big part in my life. I play football semi-professionally and cricket very un-professionally. A lot of people know me for being tricky on the football pitch, but those that really know me, know I take no prisoners on the table tennis table. I love the Football Manager franchise, tinkering with tactics and analysing data to try and guide my lower league team to the top. Aside from sport, I’m really into music, I have a different genre for different moods and have seen lots of my favourite artists at various festivals and concerts. I enjoy socialising with my friends over a few drinks but on my own I get through Netflix series like they’re going out of fashion; Suits, Power, Narcos, and House of Cards to name a few.


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