Alex Bookless

Head of Managed Services

My journey started with Waterstons in 2003, when I turned up as a fresh faced ‘year in industry’ student at the tender age of 18 and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since (barring a three year break for university)!

I started my career in the bespoke team as a software developer and quickly discovered the joys (and pain) of delivering solutions in SharePoint. I spent 9 years in the team and eventually headed up our communication and collaboration offering.

My focus nowadays…

In 2016, I offered to step into the Head of Managed Services role to help out on an interim basis. I must have done something right in the first few months as I was asked to stay on a permanent basis and I had enjoyed it so much that I figured I would give my coding fingers a rest and step into the challenge.

It's a great, challenging and exciting role. We've got ambitions to grow and we have lots to do to help us realise those ambitions!

My role now is often planning and delegating, rather than doing. I still find it hugely rewarding when I see the folks I work with learning new things themselves and showing me things that I didn’t know either, and doing new things to ultimately improve the service we provide to our clients.

When I’m not working…

Nowadays, I have a little boy who takes up most of my free time but when he’s asleep, I can often be found discussing the highs and lows of Newcastle United, looking after the garden, volunteering with a humanitarian organisation providing emergency care at events like the Great North Run and playing on the Xbox!”


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