Andrew Gill

Executive Transformation Consultant Head of Transformation

It all started with a motorbike…

Born into a dairy farming family, my early interest in all things mechanical was a reassuring sign of my intent to continue a long line of family farming tradition. My hunger to know ‘how and why’ had resulted in highly interesting (if ‘in-depth’) training sessions on the pneumatic milking machines and cooling systems on the farm by my father.

Then, along came my eighth birthday. I was given quite possibly the best ever birthday present a boy could have asked for: an off road motorbike for use on the farm. 50cc engine, in white, with a matching helmet and go-faster stripes down the side. While I was hugely impressed, I knew what this meant… that the second hand IBM 386 PC (with Windows 3.1 and a 49MB hard drive) I had been trying to justify and explain as a possible birthday present (at the time without knowledge on building business case!) wasn’t going to be on the cards for a long while to come.

My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I grasped the chance to do my first business deal. I sold the motorbike in the local paper to free up the capital and (securing some match-funding) bought the PC. At this point I suspect the farm succession planning changed somewhat. My interest and experience in technology grew from this point, aligning motorsport and engineering as interests throughout my school years. I even lead teams that produced a championship winning robot in a national ‘robot wars’ competition and an electric car that competed in Greenpower challenges at racing circuits across the UK.

University meant specialising, and Computing Science at Newcastle University was a great next step. My final year project provided an interesting divergence into understanding stress and how awareness of stress levels could improve performance.

I joined Waterstons as a graduate back in 2009, starting out in the Technical Services team, delivering IT support and ‘customer-focussed’ solutions. Like many here at Waterstons, I’m always keen to get out of the office to meet customers and learn more about their businesses. This enthusiasm led to a progression through various site-management roles, managing infrastructure and support at businesses across multiple sectors throughout the UK.

Having ‘earned my stripes’ through a technical grounding, and energy sector experience, I joined the Waterstons Transformation consulting team in March 2014. I have since enjoyed getting stuck into some really interesting business-led projects, spanning areas including IT Alignment and Data Management Strategy. My current role definitely helps feed that early need to understand how things fit together and shows how performance improvements can be made through appropriate use of technology.


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