Andrew Gill

Northern Regional Head

It all started with a motorbike…

Born into a dairy farming family, my hunger to know both how and why things work has resulted in many interesting conversations with my father on the works of pneumatic milking machines, cooling systems and tractor maintenance. On my eighth birthday, I was given the best ever birthday present a boy could wish for - an off road motorbike. While I was hugely impressed, I knew this meant that the second-hand IBM 386 PC I had been trying to justify, wasn’t on the cards. However, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I grasped the chance to do my first series of deals, culminating in the swap of the motorbike for a PC. At this point I suspect the farm succession planning changed somewhat!

From then on, my interest in technology grew steadily, aligning motorsport and engineering throughout my school years. I led teams that produced a championship winning robot in a national robot wars competition and an electric car that competed in Greenpower challenges at racing circuits across the UK.

I joined Waterstons with a degree in Computing Science from Newcastle University back in 2009 and since then I’ve worked with a great many clients across a variety of industries and in multiple teams. I started my career in Service Management, building a broad technical knowledge before moving into the business consulting team in 2014. This opened up the exciting worlds of business and IT strategy, process and systems improvement, and I underpinned it with lots of project management experience.

I took on the leadership of the consulting team in 2016, growing the team over the following three years before moving into my current role as Northern Regional Head in December 2019. I’m now responsible for the development of the Waterstons business in the northern area as well as the wellbeing of our amazing people.

Although my career at Waterstons has come a long way in 11 years, I still thrive on variety and learning new things – something that our clients ensure I can still do every day. Outside work, I remain a farm boy at heart. I love being outside; open-water swimming, cycling and running. While indoors, my family enjoy my drumming practice!


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