Andrey Derevyanko

Head of Customer Success, APAC

My life would be defined by the word “curiosity”.

From a young age when my father showed me a computer and a game called Pac-Man, to now exploring the underwater world with freediving, I’ve always been driven by curiosity.

Technology has always been an obsession of mine, after being shown how to code a trivial little program, that ran in MS DOS, that displayed insults to my younger siblings.

After having a spanning career in recruitment, customer success, and partnerships, I’ve developed a deep passion for business, and specifically using my curiosity to get to the core of a business’ challenges. My time with large organisations such as Salesforce and Google, as well as helping various start-ups grow has given me valuable insight.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me on a trail, climbing a mountain (trying), underwater, or with friends at my local watering hole.


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