Cameron Massie

Security Consultant

Life before Waterstons

Before I joined the Waterstons team I was completing my 3rd year of university and working part-time in a bar/café, and I must say I can make quite a darn good espresso martini. Part-time work and university took up quite a lot of time so doing some of the things I loved was sometimes difficult to make time for but fitting in some time to hit the court and play some basketball or throw myself down a mountain on my downhill bike; which I have quite a few injuries from. I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie from doing sports like downhill mountain biking, white water rafting, and skiing but have since calmed down a bit due to a couple of injuries.

Life at Waterstons

Working with Waterstons I hope to gain more experience, consolidating and expanding my knowledge within this industry. After meeting many of the team and receiving such a warm welcome to the company, I am very much looking forward to working with some amazing people. I want to learn from and be part of a dynamic community building a strong level of commitment & motivation to succeed & continue work within Waterstons.

Life outside of Waterstons

Outside of Waterstons I am a bit of a gamer, from gaming on my PC shooting things in space to playing the original Mario on the NES. I have also started reading a lot more in my free time, some of the books I have got through so far is the Dune series, Children of Time and Daughter of the Empire which I would definitely recommend. I also love listening to music, I probably don’t go a day without listening to something. My selection of music is so varied, you could catch me listening to some chilled out piano music so blasting out some funky Jazz. I am hoping now that with a bit of extra time over weekends, I can try get back into downhill mountain biking and basketball which I used to do quite a lot before starting university.


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