Charlie Hales

Managing Director Waterstons Pty Ltd

I’ve worked in IT since graduating from Liverpool University with a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. “Why IT?” people always ask when they know my degree, and it's simple really, I enjoy a challenge! I love working in IT, as two days are never the same and new technologies are always coming onto the scene. I also specialised in advanced guidance systems at university and developed a head up display for a Blackhawk helicopter in my final two years, so caught the 'IT bug' and learnt to code then (as well as a desire to fly helicopters!).

What I’m good at…

Problem solving in general, but I specialise in strategy definition and execution as well as people management and leadership. This covers all aspects including operational excellence, nurturing and developing people, and delivering outstanding service and quality to all of our clients.

I developed my interest in technology and leadership when I was challenged with leading the migration of 6,500 PC’s and devices and 1,500 systems, across over 150 locations. I have completed many since but this was the first large project (and the most challenging so far). The challenges ranged from rationalising and testing all 1,500 business applications they had to upgrading all infrastructure (which was also legacy) to the overall business engagement, programme management, and change management of the work.

Latest challenge…

Moving to Australia and setting up Waterstons' newest regional office! We already have clients and colleagues in Perth and Sydney and i'll be heading over to join them in January 2020. We'll also be having a recruitment drive then so if any Australian locals are reading this, get in touch. I’m certainly looking forward to it!

Anything else…

In my spare time I enjoy gardening and running, and I’m an avid Formula 1 fan. I’d also love to do my private pilot’s licence, but I need to win the lottery to fund that first. I have flown on occasion though, both planes and helicopters, as well as throwing myself out of a plane once or twice. That is limited at the moment due to my travels but i'm looking forward to getting to an F1 in Melbourne at some point.


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