Chris Pallister

Senior Technology Consultant

Life before Waterstons:

Before joining Waterstons I was an infrastructure engineer for a large PLC for about 2 years where I completed my MCSA and learnt a majority of my infrastructure knowledge. My role mostly revolved around project work to help replace the old infrastructure.

Life at Waterstons:

Joining Waterstons presents me with the opportunity to challenge & surpass my knowledge. It gives me the chance to use the knowledge I’ve acquired to better other infrastructures. This opportunity I've been given will be my chance to excel in the line of work I love.

Life outside of Waterstons:

My greatest passion is poetry, art & music - 3 things that brighten up our lives. Outside of Waterstons I enjoy spending my time making music. You’ll also find me glued to the PC screen either reading articles about technology or playing online games with good friends. I enjoy getting together with close friends & family to have what we South Africans call a "braai" (BBQ). I really like cooking as well.

Secret passion for: Food… Anything food


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