Chris Pallister

Senior Service Manager

Life before Waterstons:

I've been tinkering with technology since I was able to crawl, always finding a passion for something new to work on so working with tech came quite naturally to me. I have been working in this industry for 6 years now and I still manage to find greater passion for it every day! Before joining Waterstons I worked as an infrastructure engineer for a large PLC where I completed my MCSA and learnt a majority of my infrastructure knowledge.

Life at Waterstons:

Joining Waterstons presented me with the opportunity to challenge myself and build upon knowledge. It also gave me the chance to use the knowledge I’ve acquired to improve infrastructures globally. In late 2018 I took up an offer to be a part of expanding Waterstons reaches further: I moved out to Perth, Australia on New Year's Eve after seeing a great vision being driven by Waterstons to expand our reaches globally and bring with us first class IT & business consultancy.

Life outside of Waterstons:

I have a passion for poetry, art and music. Musical instruments being something I couldn't stop playing growing up, from garage bands to live stages - musical collaboration with others was the pinnacle of my teenage years! My lifestyle is changing since moving out to Australia, I spend more time out in the sun and on beaches than I ever have before! Living 5 minutes away from beaches, crystal clear seas, blue sky and sunshine all year round, who wouldn't?

Secret passion for: Food… Anything food


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