Clair Hillier

Software Delivery & Consultancy Lead

I’ve had a bit of a journey through to where I am now. I started as a developer and then shuffled into software testing (finding the bugs instead of making them) and then moved to a product-based company where I built a team of software testers. The team were awesome and we focused on ‘testing clever’ more than ‘testing more’ to get better results with the same amount of fingers on keyboards. Once the team were a force to be reckoned with I was after the next challenge and started running bespoke development projects; I loved working with clients and creating solutions that make a difference. In a bid to make this my daily life I moved to Waterstons in 2013.

My day-to-day life at Waterstons is never the same. We have such a massive range of clients with such different requirements that I’m going to be learning new things every day forever more. I find myself sounding like every 5 year old (Why? What for? When? Who says?). The team at Waterstons make life easy, as everyone has an incredible thirst for knowledge and enjoy working together; it’s totally infectious.

As a previous agile sceptic, I’ve been converted through seeing the amazing results that it delivers and I am now a Certified Scrum Master.

My other life

As a child I went to a dance class and over 25 years later I’m still there. I’m qualified in a large range of dance subjects and enjoy teaching every weekend. I teach the more experienced pupils and love the push that you have running up to shows. And I dress-make too, but don’t tell the kids at dancing because I’m not making costumes…..


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Waterstons Coffee Club with Clair Hillier and Rich Begg, members of our software development team (11:00 - 12:00)

29 July 2021

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