Cosmin Argatu

Senior Data Architect

I joined Waterstons in 2015 as a Bespoke Developer and experienced everything that Waterstons has to offer, from web development to SharePoint to IT due diligence on merger projects. I even did a stint in our Managed Services department, learning the ins and outs of servers. However, I quickly returned to my first love - maths and data. I joined our Data & Analytics team in order to focus on my passion, and it turned out to be one of my best decisions. The role challenges me every day and no two data sets are the same. I help our clients make sense of the data they have and I enable them to make informed business decision based on facts, which is extremely rewarding. We are even delving into the science of predicting the future for our clients. A DeLorean may be out of reach, but Machine Learning does the trick.

In 2017 I moved from our Head Office in Durham up to Scotland to help kick-start our office up there. I went through a lot of changes with this move. My sense of seasons disappeared, English breakfasts have become bland without haggis, and my vocabulary now includes ‘wee’. It opened up a world of opportunities, and I would like to think I played an important role in expanding the region.

In 2018, I’m helping to push our Data & Analytics team through the Artificial Intelligence era, expanding our offerings into new

When I’m not wearing a suit, I love experimenting in the kitchen, although there’s nothing that comes close to mom’s recipes. I enjoy travelling and I’ve travelled quite a bit around Europe; my next milestone is visiting other continents. My secret passion is for art, from renaissance to modern art, I love it all. I have an obsession with surrealism at the moment, mainly Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.


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