Craig Van Straten

Technology Consultant

After leaving school I joined the South African Defence Force. I started as an infantryman for a year, and after being accepted as a permanent force member I transferred to the Navy and spent 3 years on torpedo recovery, and minesweeper ships. I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving my country in the armed forces. After leaving the Navy I backpacked and worked throughout Europe for a year.

Having returned from my excursion, I started working in the sales of IT equipment. I felt I was suitable for this position, as I had grown up using MS DOS, and the earlier version of Windows namely Windows 3.1 and 3.11 for workgroups, and I had built numerous PC’s from scratch. I still however felt that I was lacking the expertise to take me further, so I took six months off to take classes in the then MCSE Windows NT and passed with flying colours. I then had the tools to start a career, and from starting as an administrator with Siemens I never looked back. I have been fortunate enough that my career has given me the opportunity to work in far away places, and I have learned so much and met lifelong friends.

Before emigrating to the United Kingdom, I was a smithy for nine years. I was trained by two master bladesmiths namely Kevin and Heather Harvey. I forged knives and axes amongst other works of art forged from steel. I have sent my art as far as Russia and America, and I go by the makers mark Krow Custom Knives.


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