Dan Harker

Senior Technology Consultant

I've never been very good at writing about myself... I don’t even have Facebook, which may seem strange for someone in IT?

I joined Waterstons at the beginning of 2016 after working for over eight years for a technology company that provided data collection and analysis services. I worked in the IT Infrastructure department looking after all of their databases, servers and network.

I've always been interested in computers and technology. Anyone remember those BBC computers?! Or Acorn, what ever happened to them? I can still remember setting up a token-ring network at school of around 20 Windows 3.11 PCs so that we could use the old Windows Chat program – it was just like Skype for Business (well almost).

Since college I've been interested in Databases and Database Admin. I've gained a lot of experience in SQL Server and MySQL – setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting performance issues. At Waterstons as well as being an active part of the technology team designing and implementing solutions for our customers, I hope to help build upon our SQL Server offering.

Outside of work

I'm quite into stand-up comedy and can often be found at the Comedy Store or just watching it on TV. I'm not very sporty but I also quite like watching/playing Tennis (although that’s not very often!).


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