Daniel Lord

Bespoke Consultant

During the month of June in 2017, I did something truly unimaginable. I exited the university bubble and began my adventure into “The Real World”; a daunting place shrouded in mystery, where the masses are governed by the excel spreadsheet; where people’s reliance on coffee is only surpassed by their ability to deny it; a place that up until recently I believed was nothing more than an urban legend devised by adults to scare Peter Pan loving kids. Thankfully, having joined Waterstons as a member of their incredibly welcoming bespoke team on a year-long placement I have embraced their unique and refreshing outlook on “The Real World”.

One part of this outlook that I love is the idea of trust and empowerment. I’m allowed to manage my own time and work in a manner that suits me. This is not only more efficient but also leads to more creative solutions. But whilst I’m trusted to get on with work myself, there is always someone more than willing to give me a hand. It’s like learning how to ride a bike with stabilizers (but with a few off-by-one errors and NullPointerExceptions thrown into the mix). This warm environment geared towards self-improvement is the main reason I wanted to join Waterstons. It’s a great environment to learn and work in.

Before Waterstons I spent two years studying at Newcastle University. I’ve found it exceedingly useful applying all of the theory I’ve learnt to real world applications whilst improving on the skills that I already have. It’s given me more of an appreciation of why certain practices are used and not just how they are used.

Outside of work I spend a fair amount of time playing football as well as supporting the oldest club in London: the consistently inconsistent Fulham FC. I love music and listen to absolutely anything, from Reggae to Japanese House, and I try to see as many artists and DJs that visit Newcastle as possible. I also enjoy scuba diving and recently obtained my BSAC Sports Diver Qualification. I try to go whenever I can and preferably outside of the UK (there are only so many variations of trout you can see), although I am hoping to go diving around the Orkney Islands soon where many WW2 ship wreckages can be found and explored. That said, as much as I don’t like to admit it, a lot of my free time is spent sprawled on the sofa like a beached whale watching the Simpsons or a questionable Rom-Com/Action Thriller.


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