Daniel McQuoid

Technology Consultant

Having taught History to 11-18 year-olds, managed London-based Sainsbury’s supermarkets and Recruited within the Retail and IT sectors, my professional experiences have been pretty varied! I’ve had an underlying interest in technology since upgrading/completely disassembling and rebuilding from scratch, my PC to play the (then!) latest games, so it’s been part of my life in the hobby sense, long before I realised it could be something I actually could create a career for myself in.

In November 2018, I was given the chance to take what I have learned from my varied career History and develop my skills as a Technology Consultant at Waterstons. Working as part of a highly collaborative and tightly-knit team I’m able to learn a lot from the professionals around me, engage with clients and customers and live the metaphorical dream that I never knew I even had! I was personally able to assist in the hardware setup of our brand-spanking new Office in Durham (and nothing broke), and have passed exams to achieve a foundational CompTIA A+ certification – the first of many to come! Since working at Waterstons I’ve been struck by the nature of the company, founded on the special values which underpin everything we do, and the individuals who work here. It truly offers everything an IT professional could want.

Personal passions revolve around a range of interests: mosh-pitting at country music concerts, absolutely smashing the gym(!), getting smashed playing rugby union and getting sidestepped playing touch rugby for the North East Raiders. I’m currently learning to ride a motorbike with the intention of buying a Harley Davidson in what appears to be an early midlife crisis…


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