Danny Gillham

Senior Technology Consultant

I have always been interested in Information Technology but I fell into it as a career by accident...

My father worked at the BBC for many years as a Senior Systems/Project Manager. As kids, my brother and I used to go to work with Dad on a Saturday morning and when we weren’t raiding the stationery cupboard, we were busy playing around with old ICL computers. I even had the pleasure of getting one of these computers home once along with a noisy dot matrix printer. My WordStar and SuperCalc skills were the envy of my classmates and I guess my interest in IT was born.

After a couple of less fulfilling roles I was lucky enough, through a family friend, to land a job as a Software Dispatch Clerk for a software development company. When I wasn’t copying software to floppy disks and posting them out to clients. I spent time with the operations team and helped with the racking and stacking of servers and the deployment of a documentation management system. This gave me my first exposure to IT Infrastructure and many different operating systems from Windows to Solaris as well as storage solutions and associated networking. I was soon asked to put together small solutions and then deploy them on client sites.

Working on a client site was something I really enjoyed. The pressure of delivering the solution to a tight schedule and integrating the systems onto the client’s network and then delivering training was something that I really enjoyed then and still do today. Extensive work travel followed with trips all across Europe and the States. A three month stint based in San Diego was the highlight, even if my camera failing from the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago was the lowlight.

My last role prior to joining Waterstons was as a Technical Account Manager for a bespoke software solutions business. This enabled me to enhance my technical and client facing skills in a fast paced environment, working closely with clients from many different sectors.

In the short time I’ve worked at Waterstons the values of the business are clear to see. The team in London are welcoming and friendly and they have given me a great introduction to the company. Moving forward, my main role within Managed Services will be to continue the excellent service delivered to an existing client and to look for ways to improve the technology and business outcomes for them.

While I am not working you will find me either playing, watching or organising some form of sport. I am a Fulham season ticket holder and have endured more than my fair share of ups and downs. I enjoy playing golf with friends and the summer sees me take to the cricket field. I’ve been lucky enough to play in the same team as my son (although I have to admit he’s better than me now) and hopefully in 2018 my daughter will be turning out with me as well. Outside of sport I love to eat and drink well and my partner and I are often seeking out new flavours of gin!


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