David Harvey

Technology Consultant

Before I joined Waterstons I studied Computer Science at the University of York with a specialisation in artificial intelligence and a placement year in cyber security research. During my time at York a friend joined the Waterstons software team, and while I wasn’t interested in a career in development, the company sounded interesting. At a careers fair, I started talking to a member of the business consulting team and could barely believe what I was hearing. I joined Waterstons as a member of the business consulting team later that year.

As a business consultant, I worked extensively with business systems, processes and people. I learned a lot about the inner workings of companies, and even spent some months as a full time programme manager for one client. After a while I began to specialise in the manufacturing sector, working with large project engineering companies and precision manufacture subcontractors.

After about a year in the company, I started to work on the service desk. Just to help out, at first, but I enjoyed it so much I stayed. Now I spend my time solving technical challenges and supporting business critical infrastructure. Following my passion for technology and problem solving, I have become integral to many innovation initiatives at Waterstons, including the “What Is?” tech podcast.

Outside of work

One of my greatest pursuits is figuring out how to do stuff and make things. I spend most of my time at work in front of a screen, so I spend as much of my free time as I can making stuff with my bare hands. I’ve made several pieces of furniture from scratch, I draw, sculpt and paint, and I’ve even turned my hand to metalsmithing historically inspired jewellery. I also like playing games – video games, board games, tabletop games, war games, live RPGs, more or less anything with a system of rules and preferably with a goal of ‘have fun’.


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