David Hooper

Executive Bespoke Consultant

My career took a very circuitous route before I joined Waterstons and I found my real home in 2008. As well as a physics degree I’ve worked in games programming, defence, investment banking, bio-informatics and web-design! I started at Waterstons as a pure software developer, but I now split most of my time between business analysis and working to develop my team.

My software development history has been heavily weighted towards databases and I’m interested in data modelling, database performance and business intelligence. During this time I’ve gained experience in many sectors and I’d be more than happy to talk to you about education, warehousing, logistics, social housing and petrochemicals. I’m also very excited by anything that allows me to apply my scientific knowledge and engineering enthusiasm. So I’ve really enjoyed working with our clients who use analytical chemistry, holography or maintain diesel engines. I now spend most of my time at Waterstons understanding clients so I can design and architect systems to help their business performance.

I have a natural curiosity, so I love understanding how things work, whether it be an IT system, a business process, a physical phenomenon or mechanical device. I then enjoy applying this understanding in any way possible. This might be by designing a new system, improving an existing process, indulging in a bit of scientific calculation or maintaining a classic car. One highlight involved understanding the complex business requirements of a client’s system that had grown organically over more than a decade. We worked in partnership with them to replace it with a truly flexible system for the next decade and beyond. I also enjoyed designing a high-performance and completely generic remote data capture system for an engineering client.

I like to relax by cycling up and down the glorious countryside of the North East. When it’s foggy or snowing I prefer to stay indoors and read convoluted science fiction novels (whilst checking they’ve got their sums right!) or play overly complex board games.


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