Duncan Melville

Technology Consultant

My life before Waterstons revolved around traveling, living, and working around the globe. I started my journey in Australia where I was lucky enough to meet my wife. For the next several years, we traveled and lived between the US, the UK and South Korea.

It was during my time in South Korea that I started to focus my efforts on what I wanted to accomplish next. I had always been interested in a broad range of technologies. I decided to do an HND in Computing Technical Support to see if a career in IT was something that I truly wanted to pursue. It was! After completing my HND, I obtained a BSc (Hons) in Cyber Security & Networking from Glasgow Caledonian University.

The highlight of my career since graduating was working as the sole systems and network administrator at a private college in Malta. I managed the school’s network, active directory, firewalls, telephony, software, and hardware to name a few. I also designed and implemented the systems required for staff to work from home, and set up the online learning platform for the students and teachers at the start of the pandemic. As challenging as the role was, the experience allowed me to further develop my knowledge and attain a wide range of essential skills.

Thanks to Watertons’ employee-focused culture, I am now fortunate to be working in an environment that cultivates and rewards career growth and provides the tools necessary for personal and professional development.

Aside from work, and while the Scottish weather permits, I enjoy breaking out the motorcycle whenever I can. Travelling has always been a massive part of my life and always will be. Discovering and immersing myself in different cultures, food and scenery always brings a smile to my face. I have a big passion for all forms of media, including movies, music, and gaming.


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