Elliott Brown

Software Consultant

Life at Waterstons

I have been working at Waterstons since July 2019 as a placement student in the Software team. I am currently studying Computer Science at Newcastle University, but was encouraged to complete a placement year by various university staff and previous placement students.

After attending some guest lectures by Waterstons and meeting employees at recruitment events, I got the sense that Waterstons was the company that could provide an amazing workplace culture and allow me to gain valuable real-world experience. So far, Waterstons have exceeded my expectations by both providing a great atmosphere to work as well as challenging me with real client work straight away.

Since starting at Waterstons, I have spent a lot of time working on the software helpdesk which has given me experience with numerous systems and application which we support as a business, as well introducing me to client interactions. Working directly with clients helps you to fully understand the context of the problem and allows you to work with them to find the best solution.

Outside of work

Even when I am not working, I am a real tech-head. I have a real interest in current and upcoming technologies, both hardware and software, and like to keep up with the ever-evolving trends in the technology industry. From folding phones to advancements in machine learning to gaming in virtual reality, I find it all interesting and exciting.

When I’m not obsessing over technology, I like to keep up with sports such as football, cricket and F1 as well as e-sports leagues and championships.


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