Fred Holmes

Executive Technology Consultant


I started out my career in engineering, as did all of my family really (I’m still an engineer in my bones). Then I wandered into electronics, then into computing hardware, then big centralised servers, then Microsoft technologies (including NT/Windows server), then Microsoft itself. Ok, not the most planned career path ever, but a lot of fun.

My previous position before Waterstons was in the Microsoft UK Premier support team, supporting Server technologies for customers that ranged from Credit Suisse to BOC. It was challenging/stressful but a great job working with outstanding people and then Premier support switched to 'follow the sun'. I made the decision to return back to the North of England, and joined Waterstons in September 1999 attracted by the ethos and transparency of the business where the client is at the centre of everything the company does.

Primarily involved with long term associations with clients at the IT manager level, working closely with the FD, a lot of my work has been around company separations and divestments. This is where independent scalable infrastructure and IT systems are required in a relatively short time.

My passions

My passion is for providing solutions to problems/challenges. It’s something I enjoy doing all the time; it’s not just related to IT/Technology. My basic framework for problem solving is that first you must understand the problem. That involves 'listening' or studying the issue or, most likely, both. Technology is a great medium to provide solutions, but you rarely need to buy the latest and greatest to deliver a solution.

I’m also passionate about mentoring. I am a firm believer in working with/coaching other people so that they can realise their potential.

When I’m not working …

I’m spending loads of money on my 'money-pit' of a house. It’s a therapy that’s been ongoing for 11 years now, but hopefully the end is in sight. I also like playing with technology, of course. Mostly building little electronic things. The Arduino platform is my current interest. Oh, and you may also find me looking after my German Shepherd dog.


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