Greg Carter

Software Consultant

My journey to Waterstons was a long one: after qualifying with a degree in chemistry and a passion for all things devoid of chemistry I moved home to the Isle of Man and worked on service projects in international banking and finance. After four years of that I relocated to the UK and was employed to build the customer success department in a small start-up tech business.

Within a few years that role became more and more complex in nature: I found myself tackling technical aspects of client requirements more frequently and the position became more and more consultative, until eventually I took the plunge and sat a master’s course in computer science. A new door opened for me, and I became increasingly involved in the infrastructure and development of the product until the opportunity for a career change presented itself and I moved to work as a junior developer.

Shortly after this I was welcomed into Waterstons on the software team, and now I find myself in a career that I love surrounded by passionate people whose breadth and depth of knowledge in all things technical continues to amaze. The journey may have been a long one, but the path I’m on now makes it all worthwhile. It’s difficult to think of any career that could offer the same new skills, the same forward-thinking environment or the same sense of satisfaction taken from working with people who truly care about their craft.

When I’m not working, I split my time between learning about software development and enjoying some downtime with my family – together we enjoy travelling to see the sights and escaping for fine dining weekends around our new home. If I’m not learning or travelling with family, you would likely find me sat with a good book.


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