Heather Lawson

Learning and Development Lead

I've joined Waterstons from a background in the charity sector, and before that a degree in Modern Languages. Not the obvious career path for an HR professional, but one which has always been people-focussed.

Prior to moving here I worked in the charity sector supporting young people into employment. Collaborating with big employers to give people opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have had was extremely rewarding and I was really struck by the difference that meaningful work makes to people's lives. I'm a big believer in giving people chances; most people want to do a good job, but some need guidance and support to get there.

One of the things I love about Waterstons is our culture of trust and empowerment. Our people are intelligent and creative, and freeing them up to develop their skills and explore their passions is working well for us. I'm looking forward to maintaining and shaping this culture as Waterstons grows.

Outside of work

I was given a sewing machine for Christmas one year and never looked back. For a while I ran my own business, selling online and at craft markets, but this took the joy out of the sewing so I wound this up. I now enjoy dressmaking and I am attempting to replace my wardrobe with handmade items.


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