Helen Fawcett

Head of Business Consulting

A love of maths and physics coupled with wanting to do something with real world relevance led me to study engineering. After university, I moved on to implementing lean and continuous improvements programmes in a logistics and warehousing business. Being in the right place and right time led to an exciting and interesting ten years working as an Intelligence Analyst. In this role I enjoyed using maths to solve problems both tactical and strategic policing issues, from analysing drug dealing networks to forecasting criminal patterns across the seasons. As an Intelligence Analyst, I developed a keen interest in evidence-based decision making and continued my interest in how limited resources could be used more effectively.

Before joining Waterstons, I worked in Higher Education at Durham University. I used data to add strategic insight and ensured that decisions were underpinned with sound reasoning. I provided oversight of the University’s Strategic Planning process and managed programmes and projects that spanned the organisation’s activities. My work included managing a work stream of university strategy that focused on a compelling narrative for growth of the university’s staff and students, establishing a new academic department and managing the implementation of a new system for student income forecasting. Whilst at Durham University I became involved in the wider sector, becoming the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) representative on the UCAS Data Group and organising the HESPA conference through the Conference Steering Group.

Since joining Waterstons I’ve worked on lot of different Business Consulting projects, many in universities and many others in across a wide range of businesses.

During my time at Durham I studied a MA Management at Durham University and gained an interest in entrepreneurship, creative problem solving and strategy formulation. I’m passionate about Higher Education, I’m inspired by the transformative impact that education has on individuals, communities and globally through the reach of high-quality research. I strongly believe that this transformative effect should be widely available and not limited to the select few. I volunteer with Teach First mentoring young people, often the first in their family to attend university applying to university to help raise their aspirations and assist in them achieving their potential.

In my limited spare time I love yoga, swimming, cycling and spending time on the beach. I’m a keen cook, baker and cocktail maker.


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