Helen McMillan

Executive Business Consultant

My background is probably a bit different from most people at Waterstons. I’m a career banker by trade, having worked in financial services for over 17 years. I pretty much fell into the banking industry after I left University – my thought being that if I joined a bank that would be a good place to start my career. I honestly thought that it would be a stop gap until I found my true calling! Turned out that there were many opportunities in the banking world to change things and it kept me interested for a long time.

I’ve never really been a ‘technical’ person but I do know that everything in business starts and ends with the customer, so if we get this bit right, the rest should be so much easier to achieve. Knowing what our customers actually need and want is the real key to understanding how we can transform their business. And I reckon that’s why I enjoy working here as we are all passionate about the customer and getting the right outcome for them.

I have managed a lot of big projects in my time and have been involved in some pretty significant changes in banking, all of which lend themselves well to life at Waterstons. I love being able to say that I have truly made a difference and can actually evidence what I have personally done to achieve it.

Aside from work, my kids really keep me on my toes and any free time I have is, in fact, their free time! I took a career break for 18 months to look after my two children whilst they were young and I now very much appreciate those who stay at home full time! You have to be all things to all people and just don’t stop. It did teach me though that the most important things to me are my family and my days of being the last person still sitting in the office at night are long gone!


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