Hussein Ali

Talent Partner

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in speaking to everyone. People fascinate me, everything from what inspires them in life down to what they have just eaten (ideally cake- I love cake too).

It's only right that a career in a people-centric function called on me. I stumbled into recruitment by chance many years ago and little did I know that Talent acquisition would end up being part of my destiny. I love having the ability to help shape the trajectory of someone’s life for the better and this part of my role is something that I care for deeply.

For many years I have worked in Agency & In House Recruitment, building numerous talent pipelines for several global brands before I came to Waterstons. Their values as a company are what attracted me to join. They perfectly align with who I am now and want to be in the future. Their reputation with their clients is just as important to them as that of their people which demonstrates the height of their integrity.

In my role here I can make a positive impact on how we are viewed as an employer and influence our hiring strategy to ensure we keep our identity as we grow and boost diversity, equality & inclusion in our community.

Outside of work, I am a proud father, lucky husband and consumer of saturated fats. I like keeping active, watching contact sports and I am a huge Superman fan. I also believe in the power of positivity and the secret- I always have to speak about that!


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