James Brand

Technology Consultant

Anyone that has known me from a young age will tell you that I have always been interested in technology (whether or not that was fixing or breaking it is another story). However, I have always been interested in understanding how and where problems arise and finding out how to fix them to get that “Ah-ha” moment when you find out the answer. This interest has seen me through my MSc Computer Science degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and also into a role as a Cloud Development Specialist were I was able to really understand IT from an Enterprise perspective (and thankfully fix more things than break… which is a plus)

I joined Waterstons in June 2018 as a technology consultant for their managed services team. From day one you can really get a sense of how passionate Waterstons are of their values and how amazing and helpful the team are to each other and their clients. I look forward to being able to develop my skills further to meet our clients’ needs, and also develop my personal portfolio and share my knowledge with the team here at Waterstons.

Outside of work I have a wonderful wife and daughter and I love spending time with them and the rest of my family. I am also a sportsman, in particular racket sports. I play county division badminton in Essex for two clubs, I also like the occasional game of tennis. (So if you want a game, just let me know).


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