Jeremy Chamboredon

Data Scientist

I am a French doctor in maths, normalien, and I joined Waterstons in June 2017 as a result of a change of careers, as I had been a maths teacher ever since I graduated. Waterstons trusted my skills as a mathematician and my ability to learn and become quickly efficient, offering me a position in the Business Intelligence team with the prospect of building up commercial experience in statistical modelling and data science. I joined Waterstons knowing that I would help make a difference and bring value to our clients, thanks to solid fundamental knowledge and accurate models.

Working as a teacher allowed me to develop valuable interpersonal skills, such as patience, empathy and a constant will to help and provide improvement. Waterstons also trust me to be able to comprehend intricate situations and bring solutions to complex problems through effective use of technology.

Outside Waterstons, I am still doing some occasional tutoring and creating resources for GCSE and A-level mathematics, which are available on the TES website. I am passionate about languages and different cultures, I enjoy games, playing music, singing, dancing, and a variety of sports. I personally practised football, rugby, tennis, and joined the ENS Paris volleyball team over four years when I was a student. In the future I would love to share mathematical resources and knowledge, either through an app, or potentially even a book.


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