John Airey

Senior Technology Consultant

Unlike many of my colleagues I do not have a long background in IT. I have a degree in Geography from Lancaster University and wasn’t tinkering with technology since I was five years old. I stumbled into a career in IT rather than always knowing it was my destiny.

I started my IT career five years ago working for a managed services company in Essex. Getting the job on the basis that I was good at talking, something I’m sure anyone who’s worked with me for any length of time would be happy to corroborate.

Starting out on a first line service desk answering the phone and resetting passwords I quickly decided that I wanted to do a bit more than just that. I'd found that my knowledge of Ox Bow Lakes wasn’t really transferable so I asked a lot of questions and learnt all that I could in a short time.

After two years I decided it was time to move to London and began working for a large events company as their internal IT support analyst. A job that for another two years I loved, and allowed me to quickly build up my skills through supporting everything they had as well as looking after the infrastructure, usually on my own. I'd occasionally help out onsite at events and often with a few other things around the office when I found the time.

I moved to Waterstons this year for a new and greater challenge, and a chance to really learn and further my skills, bringing with me a real passion for building relationships with the people I support. I love a challenge and I’m always willing to go the extra mile to help someone out. At the moment I spend a fair chunk of time working on-site with a few of our Southern clients, which for me is ideal as I prefer to deal with people face-to-face.

Outside of work I love the outdoors and all things green. I’m very into sport especially cricket and rugby, which is usually where you will find me at the weekend.


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