John Preston

Technology Consultant

I recently joined Waterstons in Managed Services, as part of the Service Desk team. I have just over a decade of experience in a variety of similar roles - either on a support desk or in datacentres, for both private and public sector companies.

My interest in IT and technology started aged 7, things have come a long way since I first booted up my BBC Micro and spent a week typing reams of code in to give a mildly disappointing flashing tartan pattern! I've gone through various platforms - many many nights of watching the install bar on Windows from 3.11 to 10, Mac OS and even dabbling in some Linux on a slightly unloved Raspberry Pi - machines in pieces became the norm every time my parents ventured into my room. I've always looked to upskill myself in all aspects of life, self-teaching myself mechanics and welding, painting, aspects of graphic design and even some CAD (which I hate!).

I'm looking forward to getting involved in client work, getting out on site and meeting people, tackling whatever challenges I encounter and developing myself further - my first MCSA book is already en route!

Outside of work my days of spending hours/days in the garage building cars is slowly dying off. I enjoy spending time with the family (and our dog), travelling the world and of course maintaining my now infamous trainer collection - currently at 208 pairs but that’s always a fluid thing...


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