Josh Weston

Senior Technology Consultant

About Me

I first came to the North East of England in 2011 to study Computer Science at Northumbria University and found that I enjoyed both immensely. I have known all my life that I wanted to work with computers which has driven my studies. Enterprise infrastructure and server technologies are areas that I am interested in expanding my knowledge in, which lead me to pursue a role as a Technology Consultant with Waterstons.

The first time I encountered Waterstons was at the Northumbria Placement fair and what interested me was the possibility of combining my degree with the communications skills I had developed whilst working during my studies.

At work

Writing this in the first month of joining Waterstons, my first goal so far has been to achieve certifications in technologies we will be using every day, whilst becoming familiar with the software and hardware Waterstons uses to implement these technologies.

During my first month I have spent a lot of time meeting clients and becoming familiar with their sites and the specific services that Waterstons provides. In the future I plan to dive into helping clients to solve problems wherever possible and aim to take advantage of the knowledgeable and helpful environment at Waterstons to learn as much as I can.

At Home

In my free time I like to relax by taking things to pieces. I would consider myself a computer enthusiast and often enjoy upgrading and improving my own computer which is mainly used for games. I also enjoy cars and like to perform a lot of maintenance myself because I believe it is important to understand how the things we use every day work (and I charge a lot less labour than most garages – usually just a cup of tea but maybe some biscuits too for bigger jobs!).

I also have an interest in martial arts but for the last few years this has been limited to watching rather than taking part for a variety of reasons, but I intend on getting involved again in the near future. My martial art of choice is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) which is a grappling based martial art which was originally based on Judo, although I prefer to watch mixed martial arts or boxing as they tend to be more spectator orientated.


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