Katharina Hein

Transformation Consultant

I joined Waterstons in November 2017 after finishing my studies at Ludwigshafen University of Applied Science in Germany. I’m now a Transformation Consultant working out of the Durham office, with a focus on manufacturing. Even though I’ve not been here long, I’m already involved in different projects and topics, so there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t learn something new!

At University I studied “International Business Management East Asia (Japan)” where I not only learned about all kinds of subjects related to business management but was also introduced to Japanese language, culture, business, economy, history and politics. Many times I had the feeling that I was studying two programmes at the same time, but I never regretted my choice! After returning from a year abroad studying in Kyoto as part of my studies, I gained some work experience at SAP in process management. Armed with a better understanding of the detailed work that was involved in this area, I went to Japan again, this time for an internship at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in their sales training department.

After my return from Japan, and finishing my studies, I needed to find a job that suited my skill set but I also wanted to find a company that shared the same values as me and so I was delighted to find an opportunity here at Waterstons. I’m looking forward to sharing all I have learned in both my studies and my time spent in Japanese industry with the Waterstons manufacturing team.

In my free time, I like to snuggle up in a quiet corner enjoying a good book or two, connecting with my friends or trying to get my language skills to the standard where they should theoretically be (because practically, they’re unfortunately not). I recently found myself enjoying hiking a lot, so I’ll try and continue that, and I started teaching myself how to crochet (you call it “old fashioned”, I call it “retro”). If possible, I’d like to start playing tennis again or find some other physical activity that gets me back in shape. Or I might just do something completely different and exciting!


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