Lewis Ninian

Technology Consultant

My role at Waterstons is…

Technology Consultant within the Service Delivery team. I work closely with clients as an ad-hoc or designated resource to implement new services and carry out further developments within their current infrastructures. The sort of stuff that may require a bit more time and planning really.

My life away from work is…

Usually catching up with friends or family, watching things, reading up on new technologies and learning. I also enjoy staying active by taking long walks or walking up hills (having an energetic dog helps), playing video games and occasionally attempting to be creative. I recently got into podcasting with a couple of friends and so enjoy that! Life is pretty good.

I'll be with you when…

Right there beside you when you're looking to introduce new technology to your business, otherwise make changes to what you have already and bring things up to speed. Otherwise, working alongside you to help clients with what they need. Additionally, I'm always around for a chat if anyone needs an ear.


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