Liam Slater

Information Security Consultant

When I first started my physics degree at the University of York in 2014, I'd probably have told you I was going to end up working in research or as an engineer. I did in fact have a year long stint as a materials and process modelling engineer in 2017 and while the work was interesting, there was something missing. After my year in engineering I was back to university for my masters year.

I found throughout my 4 years at university and throughout my year as an engineer, I was gravitating more and more towards learning about the technology and the procedures that were being applied. Then I started wondering how I, or even someone else, could tinker with them, exploit them or break them. This took me down the massive rabbit hole that is information security. After watching too many videos, installing virtual machines on my PC to play with and reading through documents around Cyber Essentials and the NIST framework, I was having a great time! I probably should've been reading physics books instead, but we'll leave that part alone. Anyway I must've thought at some point, for some weird reason, "Wow, look at all these standards and policies, imagine if that could be my job!" and so the hunt began.

I have two friends from university who went to work for Waterstons after finishing their studies; hearing them talk about the company in casual conversation and of course after asking them many, many questions I was sold! It seemed like Waterstons held true to their values and had created a pleasant place to work. Meeting the staff at assessment days only confirmed this and before I knew it I was happily part of the team.

Outside work

Outside work I probably do too many things but I'll name a few: I enjoy any type of game whether it be board games (of which I own way too many), video games or a physical game. I become incredibly competitive with all those things and have even been involved in a number of e-sports events as a player.

I also enjoy running as fast as I can around a big red oval. I have been involved in athletics since I was very young and have competed in many events. Even if I cant compete at any point, I feel like I would go crazy if I had to completely stop running.

Finally I also love learning about military history, not only to learn about the tactics and think about the alternate scenarios, but also because of the way you see technological advancement sent into overdrive. It not only provides all sorts of weird and wonderful inventions to learn about, but you also see it lay the foundation for a lot of things we use today.


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