Lisa Stewart

Facilities Manager

My role at Waterstons...

What it says on the tin, to manage the facilities in Durham, Glasgow and London! You'll tend to find me in the Durham office coffee shop doing all of the behind the scenes tasks to keep everything ticking over and ensuring we're health and safety compliant, of course!

My life away from work...

A complete mixed bag! I’m a total ambivert, there’s the extrovert side of me that loves socialising, exploring with my family and friends and generally being around people. Then on the other side, I’m a home bird and love nothing more than recharging my batteries, a bit of self-care and chill time with my little girl and partner. I’m either full of beans and can’t be stopped, or incomplete sloth mode. My life away from work can range from reading a domestic thriller, running around after and exploring with a 2-year-old, personal training, a karaoke session with the girls, binge-watching a drama series and drinking Pepsi Max (actually addicted to the stuff). Overall family time is what’s most important to me, so that’s always a priority.

I'll be with you when...

You need a helping hand around the office, for a cuppa and a chat, a laugh or a cry! I'm always categorised as 'the therapist' of the group amongst my friends, so whatever the issue I'm here to listen and chat things through.


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