Lora Barclay

Senior Technology Consultant

Born and raised in France, I moved to Scotland at the tender age of 15 in view of being able to study Modern Languages as I was determined to be a language teacher. This was until I took an interim job at IBM as a Customer Service Representative. I was always really interested in IT and Tech however I never thought you could work in the IT Industry without being really into coding or becoming really excited about doing open heart surgery on a desktop!

I have had fantastic opportunities across the last 10 years of running some fantastic customer projects, internal projects, taking part in great government & industry initiatives.

I've run transformational projects for organisations from implementing processes (I love a process) to deploying some super cool systems to make people's day to day job easier and make organisations much more productive with an engaged workforce.

I like to make things work but I love to make them work better! There is no secret I love processes & compliance; whilst many people don’t I like the buzz to make it easy for my customers but also for my own colleagues!

Aside from work, I have two little boys who are very adept at keeping me on my toes and entertained! We enjoy spending weekends as a family doing things outdoors but if I get some proper me-time I enjoy riding my motorbike along the Ayrshire coast with a pit stop for ice-cream!


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