Maggie Mutkovicova

Marketing Officer

I joined the Waterstons marketing team in 2016 after falling in love with the company’s values and approach to people during an open evening. It also helped that the first person I met was the CEO! But to go back in time...

I wasn’t sure what to study, until my mother pointed out that I might enjoy marketing. After talking to one marketer, I was sold and studied at the University of Sunderland. I got both my BA and MA there, so I spent a big chunk of time at the University! I then spent a further year gaining experience in marketing within the business engagement department.

I find marketing to be an ever changing beast that always keeps you on your toes – no two days are the same! Within the marketing team, I am probably the one most likely to geek out over a new piece of tech, which makes my job here that much more enjoyable.

I am based in the Glasgow office and help develop the strategy for getting the Waterstons name out into the Scottish world. My day-to-day remit includes events administration, tender identification (the real star of my days) and keeping up to date with networks.

Outside of work, you might find me sitting in front of Netflix (probably re-watching Star Trek series for the hundredth time) or recording a podcast with my husband. I am trying to be more health-conscious, but you will find me at the local street food festival, gorging on all the delicious foods available.


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