Mahyar Rezaei

Senior Project Manager

Life before Waterstons

I have always been passionate about Technology - from the moment I got my first computer in 1997, to studying Software Development, and through to my career and leisure. I was so fascinated with my first PC (running Windows 95) that I couldn’t rest before I’d pulled it apart and assembled it back up again; and quickly learned my way around its operating system to the point where I was the one teaching my classmates new things in the Information Technology class at school.

As I grew up and started my first job, I started discovering how well I can work with other people and the key to effective communication - listening more and talking less. I’ve been working with customers and solving their problems for over 10 years now, with each new challenge making me more efficient at strategy and planning; and more savvy about delivering results by overcoming various obstacles and effectively managing the people around me. In the process, I’ve learned to ask the right questions and utilise the resources around me to create robust solutions and maximise the outcome, which led me to my career in Project Management.

With every new challenge I embark on, I seek to apply my skills and develop new ones, which is why I can talk to you about many different industries - from Energy and Telecommunications, through to Sales, Banking, Asset Management and start-ups - all centred around Technology. I now solve problems for clients and the business and take real pleasure in unpicking complex issues and delivering solutions with real-time impact.

Life, the Waterstons way

Joining the Waterstons team in London (2019) has been a great opportunity to work with bright and like-minded people, where we all work together towards a common goal and push each other to be the best we can be. It’s been invaluable to be able to work side-by-side with industry experts and have an open dialogue with the whole team - from our graduates to the Executive board; as Waterstons is truly open to innovation, for our clients and our own operations alike. I now work in collaboration with various teams at Waterstons delivering cutting edge and complex projects across a range of industry sectors.

Life beyond

A lot of my personal growth has been fuelled from my passion for travel - understanding people around the world, their culture and traditions has always fascinated me about as much as Technology does. You can find me in a different place around the globe every opportunity I get, and I usually have some beautiful pictures to help bring the stories I bring back home to life. Which gets me to the next part - I am passionate about photography and always seek new ways and technology to capture beautiful moments. On a weekday after work, I like to experiment with different tastes and styles in the kitchen, and have a secret passion for rowing, although I have to say sometimes the perfect finish of a long challenging day is in the company of my partner, a glass (or two!) of good wine and a stimulating conversation.


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