Mark Heaver

Senior Bespoke Consultant

Since graduating from the University of Essex over 15 years ago I worked in a wide range of industries building software solutions for a vast array of different use cases. During that time I have gained a broad insight into the range of different technologies leveraged by businesses to operate and deliver solid and scalable solutions. The past few years I have been working in more direct and customer-facing roles which have allowed me to understand the needs of individual businesses and sectors in order to be able to offer solutions that add value and increase efficiency. I joined Waterstons to bring additional experience to an already talented and progressive team and help share some of the knowledge I have garnered from the industry.

Over the past two years, I have been involved in the nascent technological space of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In addition to offering consultancy to businesses on the aspects of how they may utilise technology, I have been keenly involved in discussion and education events here in the North East such as co-running meetups in Newcastle and also seminars in locations such as the Durham University Business School.

As a result of my involvement in the DLT space, I believe there are compelling use cases for the technology, particularly within the financial services domain. I feel confident that Waterstons is ideally placed to potentially expand into this fascinating space and be positioned as a trusted advisor to assist and facilitate businesses looking to utilise this technology and would like to help make it a reality.

Outside of work I like to travel and visit as many different places as I can, try to keep in shape and spend time with loved ones. I have a keen interest in economics and philosophy but only claim a layman’s understanding at best!


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