Mark Pearson

Technology Consultant

“Like most of the people at Waterstons, I was interested in computers from a very early age, I was fascinated with not only the things they could do, but how they did these amazing things. I spent a lot of my younger years messing about with various tech, from computers, their Operating Systems and hardware, to networks and how they worked, this usually ending up in breaking things due to my “I wonder what this button does…” attitude!

Eventually I learned how to fix the things that I broke, which made me realise this is something I’d really love to do as a career. The feeling of accomplishment when I see something through to resolution. (Either my own fault or a family member’s issue!). Unfortunately I quickly discovered this wasn’t a career path I could simply “decide to do”, and my first job was an apprentice doing nothing at all related to IT. However this turned out to be a blessing as this role allowed me to become the unofficial “IT guy” in the office, which allowed me the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience on knowledge of IT in a business environment.

I spent the next 11 years in general helpdesk roles, learning further invaluable skills, as well as experience in enterprise sized organisations. I not only discovered which systems were best for which kind of situation, but also why they were and the best practices for maintaining them. I used my free time to build my own home labs, so I could learn how things like windows domains, exchange and other services worked, skills I then used to improve myself in my roles at work which led to more responsibility with more important clients and contracts.

Working at Waterstons has given me the opportunity to push myself to take on new challenges that were previously out of my comfort zone. My current duties are mainly supporting our clients servers and workstations remotely, however I’m looking forward to getting out on site and meeting some clients face to face, as well as getting involved in some ongoing and future projects.”


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